Sunday, April 7, 2013

Something new!

Evening everyone!  I hope you've had an enjoyable weekend.

I think Spring has finally hit Ohio!  We have had 2 glorious days of sunshine and blue skies and today, although it was pretty windy, was in the 60's.  It's amazing what a little sunshine can do to improve how you feel.  I had the windows open this afternoon and Callie, Willow & Lilee didn't know which window sill to go to first! LOL!

My 1st "smalls" pattern is done and I'm pretty excited about how it turned out.  A celebration of friendship comes to you in "Friendship" Smalls. 

 These 3 sweet little designs can be stitched up quickly and turned into pillow tucks, mini samplers, cupboard door hangers and the list goes on! I've included an alphabet so each design can be personalized. Friendship Smalls are up on my website and ready to ship.  Let me know what you think!

I have a new sampler in the works......the graph for Brown House Sampler is almost finished and I really can't wait to start stitching this one.  I'll post a sneak peek sometime this week. 

I have a couple of pics to share of Zoey from Easter last weekend.  She is talking up a storm and I can actually make out most of what she is saying!!  LOL!  Here she is in her Easter bonnet (aka straw hat for working in the garden)!!

 It came complete with a watering can and gardening tools for her to use to help Daddy in the garden this year.  We are also starting a Monarch Butterfly Waystation so we will be doing a lot of digging in the dirt. 

I would love to know what she's thinking about in this picture!  She never lets grandma get too far away.
 And this was the picture of the day.....she's watching grandma's birds.  Her Daddy always gets the most amazing pictures of her when she least expects it.

Our new baby is due on November 12, 2013!  That will make his/her birthday 11-12-13....I think that's so cool!

Well, that's all I have for now.  I've been at it all day and it's time for pj's!  Back to work tomorrow....yuk!

So, from wherever you make dwell, I wish you peace and wish you well.