Sunday, July 15, 2012

Summer flowers & Halloween

Happy Sunday to everyone!  I hope this finds you well and enjoying the end of the weekend.
Warning! Warning!  This is a long post and picture heavy!!

I thought I'd share a couple of before & after pics of some of my summer flowers.  A lot of them are going to seed already, but the rest are doing well despite the heat and no rain.

This is a pic at the beginning of the summer of my side and front bed.

And this is how it looks now!  My cone flowers are doing really well and have doubled since last year.

This was my wheelbarrow out front at the beginning of summer!

And this is what it looks like now!
I love planting baskets, but the squirrel's keep using them as hiding spots and I have to add more soil about once a week!  Before!

and after!

Forgot to take a "before" of this one, but it's growing like crazy now!
Rosemary, Thai Basil & and Chocolate mint
There is lots more of it now!!

I cut in a new perennial bed this year on the side of my garage, but unfortunately it isn't doing very well and looks pretty bad, so I'll show you that bed next summer when it's doing better!! LOL!

So, on to Halloween.... A Spooky Bellpull is done and the patterns are ready to go out the door. Details are on my website.
This whimsical Bell Pull is a Halloween alphabet that includes all of the things that haunt us on Halloween.  A witch, her hat and her trusty broom, a black cat and a big full moon.  A crow, a pumpkin and a skeleton key and a sweet little mouse sitting on the "Z".  Oh geez.......that rhymed, didn't it (pretty bad)!!  HA! HA!

My mission today was to clean (didn't get done) go to the grocery store (did that, the cupboard was bare) and stain and frame Anna B & Niana (yet to do).  I'm having central air installed on Thursday!  Just can't take the heat anymore. So by the weekend, my sewing room upstairs will be nice and cool!  I'm pretty excited!  Now I can't use the heat as an excuse not to go up there.  LOL!

Stay cool and remember.........

From wherever you may dwell, I wish you peace and wish you well.



  1. Lee ~
    In spite of the heat and lack of rain, your gardens look wonderful! I love the way you planted the wheelbarrow!
    Cool bellpull!
    Pug hugs :)

  2. Lee ~ your flower beds are beautiful!!! Love that little grasshopper sitting next to the basket ~ so cute!!!
    Hot and humid here and no rain ~ my flowers are starting to look like their burnt ~ such a bummer :(
    Thanks for sharing!
    Enjoy the air condition when you get it ~ I'm sure Thurs. can't come fast enough.
    Love the bell pull ~ have to put that on my wish list.
    So nice hearing from you!
    Take Care.
    Prim Blessings