Sunday, April 22, 2012 update!

Hi everyone!  It's been awhile and I hope this finds your well.  A lot has happened since I posted last, back in December.

We are finally tying up the loose ends of my sister Robin's estate. We have been working on getting her house ready to sell and we finally put it on the market at the end of March.

The hard part is yet to come.  A trial date has been set for May 15th and God willing, this will all be over soon.  We are preparing as best we can.

We are blessed to be surrounded by some amazing people.  I have never known a more caring, compassionate, committed group of people as those in the Victim's Assistance Program in Akron, Ohio.
Without them, I honestly don't know where we would be.  God bless you, Carrie and Missy, for all you do. These 2 amazing women have become our guardian angels and we thank God everyday for bringing them into our lives.

On a happier note, my granddaughter Zoey turned 1 year old in February and she's walking......Lord help us!  LOL!  She is hell on wheels and into everything and a happier baby I have never seen.

Here she is at her 1st Birthday party with her mama! Zoey had a ball!

This is Zoey at Gramma's!  She came for a sleepover on Saturday night and Gramma had to take a nap on Sunday when she left!  Now I remember why we have our kids when we're young! LOL!

I finally have some new designs to 1st for 2012.

"Honor Thy Mother" is a sweet little band sampler that I've dedicated to my Mom, Elsie, who indeed secur'd me from a thousand harms.  I've included a complete alphabet so you it can be personalized and would make a wonderful Mother's Day gift.

Stitched on 30 count ivory linen, it's finished size is 6" x 8" and fits nicely in an 8 x 10 frame.

Nettie's Best Work

This is a delightful little sampler that stitches up quickly on 30 count ivory linen.  It has a finished size of 6 1/2" x 7 1/2".  I thoroughly enjoyed stitching this little sampler!

And last we have "Patty Polk's Sampler. "Patty Polk did this and she hated every stitch....she likes to read much more." As you can tell by the verse, Patty would have been much happier reading a book instead of stitching this simple marking sampler.  Stitched on 28 count ivory linen, with a stitch count of 90W x 146H, it has a finished size of 6 1/2" x 10 1/2", loose threads and all!

All 3 patterns will be available on my website in the next day or so.

I am working on revamping my finished goods page with lots of new goodies and I'm starting to work on some new Halloween designs for a booklet that I hope to have done by August 1st.  I'll keep you posted on both as things progress, with a few sneak peeks!

That's all I have for now, so from wherever you may dwell, I wish you peace and wish you well.



  1. Hello Lee,
    I am very sorry for the loss of your sister. I am a student at Akron and an intern working at the Victim Assistance Program in Akron. I agree with you. It is an amazing program with some wonderful people. It is a privilege to be there. Interestingly, I found you because I was looking for a quote about the program, from a victim, for a paper I am writing! Is it O.K. if I use your quote in my paper? My email is if you would like to email me. Or you can just respond here. Thank you and take care, Deb

  2. Sweet lee,
    I'm so happy to read you :-)
    How lovely that little fairy!!!

    The patterns are wonderful, I felt in love for the first one, absolutely gorgeous!!!!
    Hugs mu dearest friend :-)

  3. Lee ~
    Good to hear from you!
    Your little grand is just too cute ~ but so is dear daughter!
    Pug hugs :)

  4. Hi Lee ~ I've been thinking about you ~ more so when I saw someone post about your designs.
    Glad to hear all is well or least you are coming to some closure. I'll be praying for you that all goes well.
    Beautiful designs ~ your work amazes me!
    So glad to hear from you again ~ you've been missed. Hang in there!
    Prim Blessings
    P.S. Zoey is growing so fast and just adorable as ever!