Sunday, July 31, 2011


Evening everyone...........just a quick post to let you know that my 3 new patterns are done!!

The Lydia Tyler Ames Sampler

The Eva Wicks Sampler

All Hallow's Eve

My website has been updated with all the info on the new patterns and on some of the stuff I've
got going this Fall............check it out when you get a chance!

Now I get to work on some more Halloween patterns!!! Watch for sneak peeks in the next couple of weeks!

And I can't blog without a new picture of Zoey! This is Zoey in "her" living room........not Mindy and Dan's. As you can see by the picture, there is nothing in this room that doesn't belong to mat in the far corner, her swing is off to the right, her flat screen TV is on the wall (her daddy thinks it still belongs to him, but we all know better) and her newest toy .... is a bouncy something-or-other. All I know is, she loves's got all sorts of bells and whistles on it and her feet just touch the floor, so when the music comes on, she starts bouncing all over the place! They have the coolest things out for baby's's amazing!

She is one happy baby girl!!

I hope everyone enjoys the rest of the weekend! UGH...........tomorrow is Monday.....again!!! Take care.

From wherever you may dwell, I wish you peace and wish you well.....


Sunday, July 17, 2011


Sorry I've been gone so long...........June is a blurr!!

Lots of things have happened since I blogged last, so I'll try not to be too long winded!

At the end of May, Hoffman Distributing Company picked up my pattern line!! WooHoo! I am so excited I can't stand it...........but never imagined the work in putting together a large number of patterns at one time. I feel like all I do is eat, sleep and put patterns together! LOL! But it has definitely been worth the effort! Thank you to Mike Whatley and Rod Cliett at guys have been wonderful!

June 12th, my little granddaughter Zoey was Baptised. What a wonderful day it was! She looked like a little angel.......all she needed was a tiny pair of wings! With the help of a good
friend, I was able to make her dress and it really turned out beautiful. I haven't sewn children's clothes since Mindy was a baby and that was 32 years ago! Zoey loved the long satin bow in the was in her mouth the whole day!! Thanks Karen.....I couldn't have done it without you! Here's the little angel with mom & dad!

Zoey & mom, Mindy!

That was the good news.....then on June 20th, my son-in-law Danny (Zoey's daddy) was hospitalized with double pneumonia. On June 21st they put him on a ventilator, which saved his life. He was on the ventilator for 7 days and was released from the hospital on July 1st.
Mindy & Zoey stayed with me since I only live a couple of blocks from the hospital Danny was
in. I was able to help with Zoey so Mindy could be at the hospital with Danny. He is back to work this week, part-time and is doing well. We are truly blessed that he came out of this ok.

Needless to say, with everything going on I haven't had a whole lot of time to spend on
new stuff, but I have a couple of new designs in the works that I hope to have ready in the
next week! Here are a couple of sneak peeks..........
This is The Lydia Tyler Ames Sampler. A sweet little sampler that fits nicely in a 7 X 7 frame!

And this is The Eva Wicks Sampler. This sampler is done and framed, but the patterns aren't ready yet. Eva Wicks was my grandmother (my Dad's mom) and is a simple marking sampler!

This sample is my first Halloween sampler for 2011! All Hallow's Eve is a spooky little sampler that stitches up quick and also fits in a 7X7 frame.

That's all for now........I hope everyone is enjoying the summer. Seems like it's going by pretty fast! I'm already looking forward to the cool days of fall...this heat has been crazy!

Take care........

From wherever you may dwell, I wish you peace and wish you well.